Topical prayer

For all whose home
is shop doorway,
railway arch,
overnight hostel,
any temporary 
dwelling place,
for whom winter
is a familiar foe
taking its toll
on weak and frail.
Lord, bring comfort
through cold nights,
somewhere to sleep,
help for the sick;
and bless the saints
who leave the warmth
of their own homes
to do what they can,
support the weak,
feed the hungry,
be your arms
embracing the lost.

©John Birch,


Lord of all compassion
We pray for all of those caught up in the midst of tragedy or disaster.
For those who have lost life and those working to save life
For those who are worried for people they love
For those who will see their loved ones no longer
Lord Have Mercy.
For those in need of the peace that passes all understanding
For all who turn to you in the midst of turmoil
For those who cry out to you in fear and in love
Lord Have Mercy.
For those in confusion and those in despair
For those whose tears are yet to dry
For those in need of your unending love
Lord Have Mercy

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For small miracles in the midst of tragedy we thank you, Lord.
For refugees rescued from sinking ships,
earthquake victims brought alive from  upturned buildings,
and the many others that go unnoticed in our daily lives,
where acts of love and selfless bravery confront misfortune and catastrophe 

and from the darkness bring light and life.

John Birch

O God, whose beauty is beyond our imagining 

and whose power we cannot comprehend, 

show us your glory as far as we can grasp it, 

and shield us from knowing more

 until we may look upon you without fear; 

through Jesus Christ our Saviour.


 than we can bear