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Knit for Peace Update

Thank you to all who have donated beautifully knitted garments and blankets for Syrian refugees. One load has been sent and another will go soon. The goods are sent to the charity  ‘Goods for Good’. Volunteers in a donated warehouse space in Borehamwood sort and pack the donated goods which are then sent to a camp for Syrian refugees in Northern Iraq.

Goods for Good specialises in collecting unwanted clothing, shoes, medicines, blankets and hygiene products from several sources including donor companies who have overstocked. They have transported 40 consignments valued at £2.5 million in the last 19 months, not only to refugees in the Middle East but to Ukraine, Kurdistan, Moldova, the Philippines, Sierra Leone and Gambia, 12 countries in all, helping 50.000 people. These refugees have often fled from their homes In haste, with only the clothes on their backs and perhaps carrying a couple of light bags. Many of them are living in bitterly cold, unimaginably tragic and appalling conditions, in tents or makeshift huts. Many have been separated from their loved ones by war and terror, each child and adult with a harrowing story.

Many of the goods from St Oswalds have been small, as these are relatively quick to make, and have been most welcome, but there is a need now for larger jumpers for adults and older children, and also scarves. Wool is available from the Oswestry co-ordinator Gillian Richards, instigator of the Foodbank. She has been deeply impressed by the scale of the response, but there is obviously an ongoing need.

St Oswald’s contact; Anne Pilsbury (choir)

Gillian Richards email is Tel 01691 679309

Goods for Good have just produced their first newsletter which can be subscribed to on their website  

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