Christians Against Torture


The Oswestry Group met at the Friends’ Meeting House, Oak Street, on

Tuesday, 11th October.

We received new appeal letters to send to the Governments of Bahrain

and Iran regarding named prisoners, and to the Governments of Myanmar

(Burma) about women who have undergone brutality, rape and even

death at the hands of a military that tortures and abuses with impurity.

We are asked to send an appeal to our Government urging them to

support an international investigation into rape and sexual violence by the

Myanmar (Burmese) military.

The ACAT Newsletter also asked us to pray for all victims of torture and ill

treatment across the world. May all governments honour the commitment

to stamp out torture, over three decades after the ground-breaking

Convention against Torture was adopted by the United Nations in 1984.

The next meeting will be on 13th December at the Friends’ Meeting

House, at 2.30pm and all are welcome.

Jocelyn Pickles