Kiwoko Hospital

is a community based hospital in Luwero district,  Uganda which aims to glorify Jesus and impart a definite Christian witness to the area.


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KIWOKO HOSPITAL UPDATE, a report to the AGM of Churches Together in Oswestry District in November 2014

A meeting of Friends of Kiwoko Hospital took place in Nottingham on October 25th. Over a Skype link Dr Rory Wilson, Medical Director, and his wife Denise were able to tell of recent developments, needs and reasons to be grateful for God’s provision.

As a result of building developments, the hospital has grown and now covers a larger area. Currently, the greatest need is for more nurse leaders (this being a teaching hospital). Two young Ugandan doctors have recently joined the clinical team. Deputy Medical Director, Dr. Peter Serwadda, is following a course in urology in Tanzania, and his role has been taken over by a Ugandan colleague. There is also a vacancy for a Finance Director following the departure of Malcolm and Irene Crawford.

Nurse pay rates in state hospitals were increased some months ago, and in order to retain staff Kiwoko Hospital had to increase its pay rates. That was costly, but, thanks to some unexpected donations, they were able to support that expenditure. A pension scheme is in place for staff who retire.

People are still coming to faith on the wards. There is an intention to get some of the recently-
appointed staff involved in Christian ministry, and Semaganda Steven, the Hospital Chaplain, has recently conducted three ministry training evenings. Bible studies take place regularly, based on a scheme devised by one of the UK doctors who worked there until late. Young staff are particularly receptive to talks on relationships, and several are being mentored.

HIV treatment was largely funded by the US Government. When it was interrupted as a response to the Ugandan Government’s stance against homosexual practice, it was a serious blow to the work; but the funding has now resumed. Those at Kiwoko Hospital give thanks for God’s continued provision. “Although we never seem to have too much, we always have just enough in terms of staff, money, equipment, faith....”

Churches Together in Oswestry District has been a supporter of Kiwoko Hospital for well over a decade. Kiwoko Christmas cards are marketed through CMS Ireland.

Kiwoko Hospital is a Christ-centred place for:

  • The healing of the whole person
  • The prevention of disease
  • The training of medical personnel
  • Working in partnership with individuals and institutions having similar concerns

In 1988 a young Irish Physician found himself at the scene of devastation of two civil wars, surrounded by evidence of recent genocide and the despair of people robbed of the means of rebuilding their lives. 

The beginning was humble - a clinic under a tree - but the seed was soon to grow and gradually, a modern hospital took shape. (Ian tells this dramatically in his book, 'The man with the key has gone'). The complex now includes:

  • adults' and children's wards
  • a T.B. ward
  • an Obstetric Unit
  • Operating Theatres 
  • Outpatient Building
  • a modern Laboratory
  • a Nursing School, and
  • staff accommodation.

Regular outreach clinics are held, including an AIDS support programme in the community.

From small beginnings the hospital now is a large and busy place. Serving a population of 500,000 people, some figures for 2008 include:

  • Inpatients - 6,400
  • Outpatients - 34,000
  • Theatre cases - 1,200
  • HIV clinic - Adults 809; Children 120

Hospital death rate is now 5.75% - having fallen for the 3rd consecutive year.

The hospital is built on a strong Christian foundation, with evangelism and medical help going hand in hand. To read more about the Mission and Ministry of the Hospital click here.

Patients contribute to the costs of their treatment, but in a rural area with much poverty this is often not possible and the ambition is that no patient should be turned away. 'Friends of Kiwoko Hospital' (Charity - Ref No:XN77395) tries to make up the shortfall in the annual budget - currently around £150,000.

The Hospital is also supported by other donors, such as: The ISIS Foundation, Compassion Canada, The Goshen Trust, Farmers Overseas Action Group, TBF Thompson, CMS Ireland and CMS UK.