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Mercy Ships UK

Imagine...... A ship with 5 operating theatres and state-of- the-art medical facilities, crewed by extraordinary volunteer surgeons, nurses, water engineers and other specialists.

Now Imagine their services offered free of charge to help those in greatest need. Mercy Ships operates the world’s largest charity hospital ship delivering free health care to the poorest people.

Hand in Hand for Syria

We’re getting aid into Syria. We’re one of very few aid agencies able to work within Syria, sourcing and sending aid in a variety of ways: We send regular shipments of humanitarian aid from the UK & France by land and sea. We purchase supplies of medication, equipment and food in Turkey, which we then take into Syria. We are a registered charity in Turkey, so it is easier and faster for us to get our aid into Syria from there; also, we can often get more for the money which our supporters have so generously donated. Where possible, especially in difficult-to- reach areas, we fund the purchase of aid from markets within Syria, thereby helping to prop up local economies. We also partner with major NGOs, who fund assistance which we can then take to those most in need.

Salvation Army Homeless at Christmas

Sisters of St. Joseph - Haiti

Since her arrival at Hôpital Sacré Coeur in 2009, Sister Ann Crawley, of the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Peace, has followed the brothers’ footsteps into the mountainous  jungles of Milot and down the village streets. Sister’s mission is to find the poorest of the poor, the infirm, the blind and the orphaned children who live in desperate squalor and offer them assistance. She doesn’t have to look far. And, after six years of delivering miracles, those people in dire need find her. With a practised eye, Sister Ann spots the most at risk members of the community and balances the provisions of basic needs with individual servings of hope, love and understanding.

Sister Ann’s outreach program provides food, shelter and education. The program is administered by Hôpital Sacré Coeur, supervised and designed by Sister Ann, and funded through donations to The CRUDEM Foundation and through support given by Holy Name Medical Centre.

Oswestry Foodbank

US (formerly USPG) Advent Appeal: Help Us support refugees in Europe.

We are issuing an appeal for donations to fund the Diocese in Europe as it reaches out to refugees arriving throughout Europe. The Diocese in Europe is working on the frontline with refugees, and has asked Us to be the official agency for Anglican churches in Britain and Ireland to channel donations for its work; and we can receive donations from any country.

Your donations to our Rapid Response Fund will help the diocese to provide emergency medical support, food, shelter and pastoral care for refugees.



Earlier this year the PCC allocated £2000 from the income of 2013 for the
church to give away. We aim to give locally as well as globally and as this
year’s news has been dominated by the problems of the Middle East that
is reflected in how the money is being distributed.
Churches Together in Oswestry & District – Jubilee Money Advice Service £500
JMAS offers support to those in debt by offering sound advice through the
help of trained advisors who are members of local churches. They have
helped scores of people in Oswestry to manage their financial situation
and to give them hope of recovery when they didn’t know where to turn.
Their information leaflet is available in church.
Rescuing the Children - £300
Revd Sally Smith is used to welcoming new faces to Sanctus, a support group for refugees at St Mark’s in Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent. “Dilan dropped in at Sanctus a few weeks ago, just a lady in a distraught state”.
“Dilan is a Kurdish Syrian. Her husband was killed by government forces, and she has five children, aged between three and fifteen. They fled as refugees into Turkey, and then onto Bulgaria, where they were processed in Harmanli refugee camp.” The remaining family were split up on trying to reach the UK and some of the children remain in Bulgaria. Thanks to ‘Rescuing the Children’ those left behind and others like them are receiving support from a Christian home with help from donations through Sally.
US (formerly USPG) Rapid Response Fund Syria Appeal - £400
As the Syrian political crisis continues, large numbers of Syrian children are missing out on an education, including thousands of refugee children living in countries neighbouring Syria. In Lebanon – where there are at least 700,000 Syrian refugees – the government is trying to take refugee children into public schools, but most refugee children have no access to education. Us has teamed up with Embrace the Middle East to provide basic education to Syrian refugee children, alongside other practical support, such as food distribution.
They are working with local churches to reach at least 200 particularly vulnerable children, aged 6 to 11 years old. Your donations to the Us Rapid Response Fund Syria Appeal will help set up a school in Zahle for Syrian children that will use the Syrian curriculum and utilise teachers from among the refugee population. While the school will be set up with a specifically Christian ethos, students will include both Muslim and Christian Syrian refugees.
Samaritan’s Purse helping refugees in Northern Iraq £400
Children’s clothing and supplies will help displaced families prepare for winter in northern Iraq. Seasonal rains are coming and temperatures will be dropping to the low to mid-30s and even into the 20s in some areas, making life even more difficult for families who had to flee in the face of Islamic State jihadists. Many are living in tents or houses and buildings without heat.
Hundreds of thousands of displaced men, women, and children have been forced to seek refuge in Kurdish-controlled areas after ISIS militants captured several cities of western Iraq this summer.
Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace - £400
The sisters support the work of the Sacred Heart Hospital in Milot, Haiti. Rooted in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, the mission of Hôpital Sacré is to provide quality healthcare to the sick and the poor in the Haitian community, and an educational centre for all who serve healthcare in Haiti. The work embraces all people in need regardless of their religion, economic status or medical condition.
Since the Earthquake in 2012, the hospital has been transformed from a 74 bed hospital to one serving hundreds of patients.


During 2012 the PCC allocated £2000 from our general income to be given to charity in addition to those causes for which we traditionally raise money e.g. Children's Society, Christian Aid etc. It was suggested that our charities should be mainly Christian and the PCC agreed to the following:


1.Churches Together in Oswestry and District - Schools Christian Worker £500

Ben Mayho is employed on behalf of our churches to foster the Christian Faith through local schools where he has developed a good deal of trust and respect. The project produces a regular newsletter which is always put in church for people to read.

2.Dolen Ffermio £400

“Dolen Ffermio (Farming Link) has been working to improve the lives of people in Eastern Uganda since 1991. It is also involved in raising awareness of world food and farming issues in schools, colleges and the wider community.

Dolen Ffermio is based in Llanfyllin, Powys in the Welsh Marches. Its supporters come from the surrounding areas and include many from Oswestry and Shropshire.

The main work of Dolen Ffermio is with goat improvement schemes to increase milk and meat production in the poorest rural communities, and to improve the lot of orphans by providing them with skills and security for the future.”


Salvation Army Winter Appeal £400

“£28 provides a hot meal and the promise of companionship for five lonely older people through lunch clubs and home visits.

£47 helps pay for a ‘meal run’ to reach out to people sleeping rough and help them get off the street for ever.

£63 provides a bed for a homeless person in one of our centres for three weeks and the chance for them to make a fresh start.”


1.World Vision :£300

“World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. Motivated by faith in Jesus Christ, World Vision serves alongside the poor and oppressed as a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.”

2.Church Mission Society “Clean Water for All” campaign: £400

This project teaches poor people how to make a simple water filter out of clay and sand. More than 1,000,000,000 people don’t have safe water to drink but it has been recently discovered that they easily could have, if they knew how to make a clay pot biological sand filter. This water filter design produces very clean drinking water from very contaminated water. The design is easy to replicate and it is cheap enough for people to afford themselves


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