Prayer Requests

Your prayer requests will appear here.  

Michael Winwood of the Wrexham Prison Fellowship has tested positive for COVID, picked up in HMP Berwyn almost certainly. He has been continuing to visit the prison to support the men where he can and to run the Sycamore Tree restorative justice course, in a socially distanced way but probably not distanced enough.  A few of you will know him from his visit to St O’s a year or so ago. He is a wonderful man.  Can I ask you to please pray for his good recovery, and that his wife, Joan, will stay safe.

Pray for Colin and Sue Tansley and family. Colin has been in hospital and not at all well.

 Let us remember Gerry and his family in our prayers on the death of his mother, Mary Howe. We pray that he will know the love and comfort of God. 

Could you please pray for Kevin (known to some of you as he took part in the Bishop’s cert course and some bible studies) as he is having a cancer biopsy done today and for his wife Sara and children Arthur and Winifred.

Please would you kindly add Clive Knowles to the Prayer List. I am in contact with Tracy and Clive is in Intensive Care at Stoke having undergone a quadruple heart by-pass yesterday. From Penn

Please will you pray for Jack who is going blind at the age of 24. It’s so sad.

Please remember in you prayers  Joan Pugh Jones who is critically ill and has been transferred to the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.  Please also pray for all the medical staff who are caring for her.

Please pray for Dawn's Mum - Gina.
She has been taken into Hospital in Oxford, today, still waiting to hear from her. Hoping she will have had MRI and results and it will catch the cause early....Update on Gina:  our prayers have already been answered in that the diagnosis is better that the one we feared which could have meant paralysis. She will still need an operation and the risk associated with that so please keep her in your prayers as well as Dad (Allen) as he cannot visit due to being vulnerable himself.
Thank you for your prayers as it has taken a huge burden off my shoulders knowing you are thinking of us and the Lord is listening and acting.
Praise be to God.

Please add my sister-in-law Angela to your prayer list. She has COVID-19 and is in the ICU fighting for her life. She is 8 months pregnant. They intubated her today. Let’s cover her with prayer!

Could you please pray for Margaret Chamberlain’s granddaughter Stephanie who is undergoing cancer surgery’

Please pray for Kevin Carey

Please pray for Phil Goddard undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.  Prognosis is very poor but he is a great believer in the power of prayer and has asked us all to pray for his recovery. 

Thank you Lord for you help and support for all those who are recovering from the virus. Especially Drew and Mark ‘Fossy’ - support them and their families on the road to recovery.

Have Jules in your thoughts and prayers, she is struggling with her mental health and lives on her own, so is finding the current isolation very hard. Lord please be with Jules, help her to see the positive and reduce the anxiety that she feels.

We pray for those who have recently lost loved ones. May they know the comfort of your Presence.

We pray for all those in isolation struggling with depression and anxiety. Help them to find a calm and secure place where they are loved.

Dear Heavenly Father, grant calmness and control of thought to those who are facing uncertainty and anxiety: let their heart stand fast, believing in the Lord. Be all things to all people, knowing each one and their prayers, each house and its need, for the sake of Jesus Christ. Amen

Please pray for those at home with young children; for patience, resilience and creativity, that they may enjoy this additional time together.

We pray for all who are suffering the effects of Coronavirus and those who are alleviating their suffering.

Singing Bowl

Begin the song exactly where you are,
Remain within the world of which you’re made.
Call nothing common in the earth or air,

Accept it all and let it be for good.
Start with the very breath you breathe in now,
This moment’s pulse, this rhythm in your blood

And listen to it, ringing soft and low.
Stay with the music, words will come in time.
Slow down your breathing. Keep it deep and slow.

Become an open singing-bowl, whose chime
Is richness rising out of emptiness,
And timelessness resounding into time.

And when the heart is full of quietness
Begin the song exactly where you are.

By Malcolm Guite.