The Triptych

Mounted high on the south wall of the Lady Chapel is a large Triptych.     It is said to predate 1730 and may have been the reredos from the 17th Century re-build of the church, after the Civil War.   Prior to the 1872-74 re-ordering of the interior of St Oswald's by G E Street, this triptych had been the reredos behind the High Altar.   

It had been stored in the Tower for 130 years prior to its recovery from the Tower during the first phase of  "Project 2000", a 12-year three phase restoration of St Oswald's.   

The Triptych depicts Moses and Aaron on Mount Sinai standing either side of the Ten Commandments engraved on ther two stone tablets, which Moses had received from Jehovah.   The Apostles Creed and the Lord's Prayer are depicted on the outer leaves of the Triptych.      The 2004  restoration by Hirst Conservation was made possible by local fundraising and generous grants from the Council for the Care of Churches, The Leche Trust and The Veneziana Fund.