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Pew sheet for week beginning 9.5.2021:-To read it click HERE. 


This Thursday, 13th May, is Ascension Day and it feels like an appropriate event on which to reintroduce our 10:30 BCP Communion service. We will do so under current COVID restrictions so there will be stewards, face masks, physical distancing and hand sanitiser. The service will also be available on the services page.


THE ANNUAL CHURCH MEETING will take place on Sunday, 16th May 2021 in Church after the service. On the 6th April 2021 details of the nomination forms will be in envelopes at the back of the church and should be handed in before the meeting on the 16th May. The Agenda, previous Minutes, Accounts and Reports for 2020 will be in separate envelopes on the pews, all will have been given the appropriate 72 hours quarantine owing to the Covid 19 situation. It will also be on Zoom, so if you'd like an invitation to the Zoom meeting, please email Harvey for a Zoom code.  Please keep the Parochial Church Council in your prayers.

PARISH OFFICE - from 12th May will be open on Wednesdays, 10 a.m. - 12 noon to discuss arrangements for baptisms and weddings.

The mid-day Wednesday ‘praying together apart’ initiative continues, if you would like more information or would like to receive the weekly prayer update, please email Lindsay  LFLClarke@hotmail.co.uk
Prayers and worship resources are available online and hard copies can be produced by Frances should you wish to have them, please contact her on 01691 656208
We are continuing to resource people who are off line, so if you are aware of someone who would like a hard copy of this Sunday sheet could you please print one off and give it to them. Could you also let Frances know so she can keep track of who is receiving what and how.
The Office email is stoswald.office@gmail.com












SUPPORTING THE FOODBANK - You can make donations in the ‘Vicarage drive’ throughout the week. The
‘church’ box can be accessed without going into the main building. On behalf of the Foodbank, thank you!

You can check the Foodbank website https://oswestryandborders.foodbank.org.uk/give-help/donate-food/  for up-to-date lists of their urgently needed items.

If you are unable to get out to make a donation of food, please consider a Standing Order to the Foodbank.  Here are the bank details:-

Bank: HSBC

sort code: 40-35-32

Account number 11785451

name; Oswestry and Borders foodbank.

You can find out more about the Trussell Trust network’s response to coronavirus here [link: www.trusselltrust.org/coronavirus-food-banks]



Thank you for your prayers for the Project.  The month of April is drawing to a close, and we hope that the glorious month of May will bring us more sunny days (though with some rain for farmers and growers).  

The next prayer meeting has been arranged to take place from 9.00 a.m. till 9.40 a.m. on 

Saturday, May 1st., 

and we should receive the Zoom link from Jane Webber, our Schools Worker, in due course.

Your SCWP prayer diary indicates the time that Jane has devoted to the preparation and delivery of online video lessons.  They are good, but we look forward to the days when she will frequently be seen in person in our local schools.  

The resumption of full-time schooling appears, so far, to have had little serious effect on Covid infection rates; perhaps we shall hear more about that in the weeks ahead.  Meanwhile, our duty is to keep a watchful eye on the physical, emotional and spiritual safety of children of all ages.  All of us can do that by interceding before Christ our Saviour, who made plain his concern and love for the little ones. 


Please keep in mind the provisional date of the Annual General Meeting

Monday, May 24th.  

Should you require further information, email or phone me, Alan Braddock, on 01691 654991


FEBRUARY 2021 SCWP NEWSLETTER Change, change and more change. This seems to be the theme of this academic year. Despite this God is still continuing to work within our local schools through the project. This time last month my diary was looking busy with face-to-face activities planned for the term that I was looking forward to delivering. A few days later we entered another lockdown with schools closing to most pupils. I was initially concerned that schools would no longer require my online assemblies, but by the start of the first week of term I had received confirmation that every school still wanted them. Schools were also keen to not only use them with pupils still in school, but to make them available for pupils at home. This was encouraging to hear as it means that not only the pupils had opportunity to watch them, but also their parents. This month is looking busy with online content for schools. Assembly subjects include love, perseverance, courage, friendship and honesty.

If you would like to view some of my online content please visit our YouTube page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN4psZ1OEf6aMpYS6c5a1Yg In addition to producing online content for schools I have started a level 2 distance learning course with Shrewsbury college on the subject of Safeguarding and the Prevent agenda. This is allowing me to take a deeper look at these areas and how they apply to my work.

Please continue to pray for the work of the project and our local schools.

Please pray for  Families as they undertake the difficult job of homeschooling  Teachers as they manage teaching those in school as well as providing home learning.  Wisdom for the Government as they plan for schools to return.  Young people for whom home is not a safe environment.

Regards Jane Webber Schools Worker Schools Christian Worker Project


The opening hours for Oswestry Christian Bookshop are:

The opening hours for Oswestry Christian Bookshop are:
Sunday                 – closed
Monday               – open 10 till 4 (closed for lunch 12.30 – 1)
Tuesday               – closed
Wednesday        - open 10 till 4 (closed for lunch 12.30 – 1)
Thursday             - open 10 till 4 (closed for lunch 12.30 – 1)
Friday                    - open 10 till 4 (closed for lunch 12.30 – 1)
Saturday              - open 10 till 1


Oswestry Rural Youth Church are currently offering a number of online activities for young people and families during this time of restricted gatherings, including weekly gatherings for those starting years 5 & 6 in September and those 11+, Fortnightly family quizzes, Photo competitions and more. Please check out www.facebook.com/ORYCuk or contact Matt on minister@oryc.org.uk or 07762148085 for more information.'

Thanks and Blessings

Matt Barkley

Pioneer Youth Minister (PYM)


Visit our page at :-

 St Oswalds Parish Church, Oswestry




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