PCC minutes




Monday, 20 January 2020 – 7.30 pm in the Parish Centre

Present: Mrs S Best, Mrs A Boulton, Mr W Bowen, BEM, Mrs J Chesworth, Mrs L Clarke,

Mr P Crosby, Mr M Donkin, Mr P Evison, Mrs M Jones, Mrs F Major, Mr A Neale.

Chairman: Rev’d H Gibbons; Secretary: Mrs S Tansley

1. Prayers were led by the Vicar and finished with all saying ‘The Lord’s Prayer’.

2. Apologies were received from Mr I Davies, Mrs E Leek, Mr C Lewis, Mrs F Pearson and

Miss J Williams

3. Minutes of the meeting on 18 November 2019 were proposed as a correct record by

Mrs M Jones and seconded by Mr P Evison and agreed by all present.

4. Matters arising from the minutes:

Mr Donkin asked why he had not received the new photographs with regard to the Choir lighting

as some time had passed and he was still waiting. Mr Crosby said that Mr Trigg had been ill

and the Architect was trying to get in touch with him. As soon as they are done, he would try to

get improved photographs to send to the DAC and Mr Donkin. Action: P Crosby

I) Flooring and Security Gate (PC) – Mr Crosby said that the work on the floor would be

completed on Wednesday of this week, 22nd January, it had not been done previously owing

to the amount of funerals in December and January.

The Architect had sent out for tenders on the Security Gate and was awaiting a response.

Mr Crosby had approached a number of places for funding, the Town Council Firework fund

may still give £500 towards it. He had also approached one other person who knew the

church well. Mr Evison said that the gate was not for the benefit of the church but to protect

others. A Faculty had been agreed upon and would last 2-3 years. Action: P Crosby

ii) Choir lighting – see first paragraph.

iii) Help offered by Oswestry School on Fridays (AN) – the Vicar spoke to this item as Mr Neale

would be late arriving. The Baccalaureate Students had been with us for a term, sorting,

recycling in the organ area etc. They could do something more manual and an Eco-Garden

had been suggested with bat boxes, bug boxes, wild flowers etc. which might be linked to other organisations in the town including Oswestry in Bloom.

The Town Clerk had been consulted who had suggested the team might do a wildlife presentation to the Town Council and PCC.

Mr Neale has run it for one term and Mr Malcolm Clarke is co-ordinating this coming Friday 24th. A regular co-ordinator is required, notices to go into Pew Slip and the Magazine. The following Friday 31st Miss Gull will supervise the clearing of the flower room. More things will need to be supplied after these dates.

(iv) 7th December Parade update – Mrs Chesworth said that this was well received and went

well and would like it to be repeated this year.

v) Advent Prayer update – Mrs Chesworth said that this was also good.

vi) Christmas Lunch update – Forty one to two people were here, the Vicar said that Sandy and Marilyn had worked very hard and he thanked them for all they did. A number of volunteers are willing to repeat it. It will be for Oswestry people only, who are lonely or on  on their own. The Vicar would also like to offer continuity after the Christmas lunch as everything stops then. He thought about offering Spring, Summer and Autumn Sunday afternoon high teas with sandwiches, tea and cake. He would like to build up a clientele to invite for the following Christmas lunch. He had thought about people suffering with Dementia and a Mental Health Charity worker is willing to help.

Vii) Bishop’s Certificate uptake (Vicar) – The Vicar said that 5 to 6 people were attending the Vicarage and also in the Parish Centre. One young man who came to the Vicarage had subsequently brought his family to Messy Church.

Item 6 – Budget 18.11.19 – It was confirmed that due to a change in National Church , Guidelines, the PCC would now retain the £30 fee previously removed. The Cemetery Chapel would not be affected.

Mrs Major said that within the Bell Fee of £200 a minimum of £65 goes towards the Rope Fund and Maintenance.

5. Lead Academy Learning Group

The Vicar said that the Lead Team would be meeting at the Vicarage on February 3rd at

10 o’clock. The PCC ‘away day’ at Foxhill House near Chester would be on the afternoon of

Friday, 17th July to relax and have an informal meal, Saturday 18th would be the work day. A

letter will be sent out. There are sufficient rooms for other people to attend if appropriate.

Oswald’s Tree will be on Saturday 14th March, and would look towards the next 10 years.

6. Safeguarding

The Vicar said that there had been no new issues since the last PCC meeting. The

Safeguarding Policy will be discussed at the 16 March meeting.

7. Church Groups – none had met since the last meeting.

8. St George’s Memorial Centenary – April 2020

The Vicar said this had been changed and was now to be a Celebration of the 75th Anniversary

of VE Day on the 8 May which would be the Bank Holiday. It has been proposed that a civic

service will take place in church on Sunday 10th at 10.30 am followed by a service at Cae Glas

Park Gates for 30 minutes. followed by a picnic in the park.

The Vicar will ask the Bishop to re-dedicate the Memorial in St George’s Chapel on another

day. Action: Vicar

9. Future Dates and Events:

25 January – Prayer Taste and See Day in church from 10 am to 2 pm.

29 February – Lent Quiet Day in church

4th March, 18th March & 1st April, 12.30 pm Lent reflection followed by lunch in the Parish Centre.

11Th & 25th March – 12.30 pm Lent reflection

14 March – Saturday Oswald’s Tree in the Parish Centre and church

10. Reports required for APCM

The Vicar asked that all reports be in to the Secretary by the 21 February, so that she can

produce the Booklet for acceptance at the PCC meeting on the 16 March. Letters will be

sent out. Action: Secretary

Deanery Synod Elections will also take place this year. Ian Davies is standing down.


11. Any other business:

I) Mr Gerry Howe has proposed that the contract for the organ tuning and maintenance be moved from Nicholson’s to Mr Davies from Telford. Mr Davies has been very helpful with an issue with

the organ before Christmas. Mr Donkin said that there is a 4 or 5 year Warranty left on the

organ but that repairs under this warranty were now unlikely. The PCC were unanimous in

accepting the new proposal.

ii) Mr Evison said that a Part-time Verger/Caretaker would be advertised for in the Pew Slip and

the Parish Magazine. They were looking for someone who will lock up the church and do other

work that no-one can be found for in the congregation. Mr Crosby asked if it was right that

someone on their own was to lock up when the Church Wardens wouldn’t do it by themselves.

Mr Evison said that he had done it by himself numerous times when necessary. Mr Neale said

that at the time this was first discussed we were in a more vulnerable position.

Action: P Evison

Iii) E-mail from Peter Woollam – re: Bell-Ringing. Mr Woollam had received news of a young man

with Special Educational Needs and epilepsy who is passionate about bell-ringing, but had

been unable to continue ringing at his current church as they were unable to meet his needs.

The ringing band at St Oswald’s were confident that they can cope with him as he will always

have either his mother or a carer with him and five ringers have said that they would help

should he lose control of the bell rope. A risk assessment had been received.

Mr Neale suggested a three month trial and thereafter yearly reviews and that advice be sought

from the Insurance Co. No additional safeguarding issues had been identified. Mr Crosby will

ring the Insurance Company and the Vicar will report back to Peter Woollam. The PCC agreed

that the trial period of 3 months followed by a yearly review was a suitable way forward and all

agreed. Action: P Crosby/Vicar

v) The Vicar had been approached about whether St Oswald’s would ring the bells on the 31st

January. He thought it would be a divisive gesture. The PCC agreed that the answer should be


12. Date of next meeting: Monday 16 March (Accounts) – 7.30 pm in the Parish Centre

The meeting then closed with all saying ‘The Grace’.