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One of our own members spoke at the November meeting having called her talk “Barbara Castle Called Me Bossy”. This was obviously intriguing as we had a large audience to listen to Ann Boulton talk about Speakers! She spoke about the role of the Speaker Secretary of any organisation and how, having thought of a speaker it was necessary to sell the organisation to the speaker and, if successful, sell the speaker to the members to get an audience. Thinking of speakers is not easy
and she described how her life had prepared her for an interesting job in the 1980s and 1990s organising events in Manchester. She had learned shorthand and typewriting and then joined the Women’s Royal Naval Service travelling round taking verbatim records of boards of enquiry and courts martial – before tape recorders were relied on! She became head of Lord Mountbatten’s typing pool and then worked in Singapore for three years. She worked in Saudi Arabia for two years in Jeddah and talked about the archaeological sites within that country and especially that of Madain
Saleh which is another Petra. She organised trips out each weekend to various sites and slept under the stars.
She went through an interesting list of names and described some of them. She had the fire alarm go off in the middle of the Manchester Lecture by Princess Anne in Manchester town Hall being filmed by the BBC. How Edna Healey had enlarged on her book Wives of Fame but having met her at the door, she asked Ann for the lavatory and they walked round a hall full of dignitaries and guests to find that the lavatory had been closed for repair and they had to walk back again and out of the
door they had come in. Good talk, though, as we forget that David Livingstone might not have made it through Africa if it hadn’t been for his wife, Mary, supervising setting up camp, the children, food and servants!
Barbara Castle did call her bossy when Ann refused to leave her alone in the streets of Salford outside a darkened venue. Her secretary had given her the wrong date and she should have been there the night before - poor speaker secretary! Barbara Castle then made the decision to go back to London which involved a mad dash to Piccadilly train station for the last London train. Ann dashed on to the platform and exhorted the guard to hold the train for Barbara! The guard replied that he wouldn’t leave her behind. We all enjoyed an amusing and entertaining talk.
Our Christmas meeting will be on Monday 3rd December at 7.30 p.m. in the Parish Centre and June asked if members could provide a small plate of goodies. Our speaker for the evening will be Mrs Tamms - ‘Flushed with Pride’
Ann Sagar


December 3 -  Members night - Mrs Tamms Flushed with Pride

January 7 - Liz Jermy - Food Bank

February 4 - Annual dinner

March 4 - Annual General Meeting

A selection of photos from recent meetings.