Ladies Group


June welcomed members and guests and conducted the business of the group. After our
afternoon tea at Derwen, it has been arranged to have our Christmas lunch on Monday, 9 th
December starting at 12.30 and costing about £10.00 for two courses. Bookings will be
taken next month. Ann Boulton asked for help with the World Day of Prayer Preparation
Day on Friday, 1 st November. We then said The Grace together.
Our speakers, Joan and Michael Winwood of the Prison Fellowship, were warmly welcomed
to talk about the organisation and their work in H M Prison Berwyn. H M Prison Berwyn is a
newly built prison opened in February 2017 and is the second largest in Europe. Joan
opened their dual talk by reading the Mothers’ Union prayer for prisons and those affected
by prisons. She talked about the work of the Prison Fellowship and described their work
including The Angel Tree scheme which had been started in the United States and which
involved presents for prisoners’ children being donated and then sent by the prisoners to
their homes for Christmas and the effect this had both on the families and the prisoners.
She also talked about the Sycamore Tree project which is a six week courses going into the
elements of restorative justice. Offenders consider their impact on their victims and
communities. They consider the damage they have done emotionally and then try to get
them to acknowledge what they have done and try to say sorry and move forward. There is
no reduction in sentence when the course is completed. They emphasised the large
number of different faiths within the prison population. They talked about understanding
some of the reasons why crimes had been committed and the fact that those imprisoned
were from all walks of life.
It was a thought provoking talk and Joan and Michael were thanked by Elaine Leek who also
visits Berwyn.
Our next meeting will be on Monday 7 th October at 7.30 p.m. in the Parish Centre when I will
speak to you about St. Oswald’s Stuff!!
We are always pleased to see new faces at our monthly meeting. If you would like more
information please contact Ann Sagar on 01691657903.
Ann Boulton

We are always pleased to welcome new members to our monthly meetings and if you would like further information please contact Ann Sagar telephone 01691657903 or e mail


October 7 Ann Boulton - St. Oswald’s Stuff!!
November 4 Eric Freeman
December 2 Members night - Shirley Oakley - flower arranging
January 6 Mark Hignett has invited us to join him at Oswestry
February 3 Annual Dinner
March 4 Annual General Meeting

A selection of photos from recent meetings.