Ladies Group


Prior to Chris’s talk, June welcomed members and began the meeting with prayer. She said a prayer in memory of a member, Audrey Pinkney, who died recently and we said the Grace together.
Apologies were received and June gave notice of a lot of events to begin the busy Autumn season.
How can we be thinking of pantomimes! (January 4th, Snow White at Theatre Severn). June would
like names by the end of September. Tickets £15.30. Performance 5.30 p.m. There will be a charge for the bus for non members.
Chris had set up equipment for amplification which gave a feel for what was to come. First, though,
he described his early years, learning to play the piano at the age of 8 but his teen years coincided
with the Beatles and he wanted to be part of it. Inspired by the BLiners at the Garrison Theatre he
got a guitar from his parents who insisted on him being taught properly. He told us that a few got together as a group and started doing youth clubs. He told us of one gig at Fairbourne at a beach party on the golf course when the generator for electricity ran out of petrol. In total darkness one of the band siphoned off 
sufficient petrol from the van to complete the gig and then ran out of petrol on the way home!

They called themselves The Black Knights, got an agent and played gigs over the Midlands, Manchester and Liverpool including with Wayne Fontana and the Foremost and the Small Faces. In one club they played in Chester Russ Abbott was the drummer. He remembers a packed Whitchurch Town Hall with much fondness. They also did a recording at Chiswick Studio but it wasn’t a best seller and no copy remains. They performed on Hughie Green’s Opportunity Knocks but there were lots of acts and fame eluded them. There were songs coming out every week and the band was adding to their repertoire.
One of the members moved to France and it was different trying to get used to a new person. They
did get back together for a Millennium gig but he now performs on his own. He did some serious
name dropping and we certainly got a taste of the Sixties.
Chris was persuaded to join St Oswald’s choir and he told us that he found the music quite different
from rock (sic!) and it took him a fair time to get used to it. He enjoys it very much and sings with St.
Oswald’s Scholars and Gentlemen at various events.
To finish his talk he sang Winter’s Tale, Crazy Lane, Fields of Barley and Let it Be. After tea, we were 
treated to an encore finishing with I’m a Believer from the Monkees. Several ladies could not resist and we were up on the floor forgetting the years but probably felt it the next morning!
Our next meeting will be our Harvest on Monday October 2 nd at 7.30 p.m. in the Parish Centre when we welcome Rev. David Hart as our speaker. This is an open evening with refreshments. Please come and join us.
Ann Boulton

October 2 nd - Harvest - Rev. David Hart

November 6 th - Liz Lawrence - life in the Army

December 4 th - Members night

January 4th, Snow White at Theatre Severn

January 8 th - Evening with Mr. Battams - Butcher

February 5 th - AGM

March 5th - Celebration meal 25 years


A selection of photos from recent meetings.