Morning Prayer

        Services can be seen live from 9.00 onwards on Facebook at and on this page a little later.

    The EASTER liturgy for Morning Prayer can be downloaded HERE 

Readings for this week

      Monday 10rd        Psalm 65/ Deuteronomy ch.26/1 Peter 4:1-11

      Tuesday 11th       Ps, 126/ Deut.28:1-14/ 1 Peter 4:12-end

      Wednesday 12h   Ps. 132/ Deut.28:58-end/ 1 Peter ch.5

      Thursday13th      Ps.110, 150/ Isaiah 52:7-15/ Hebrews 7:11-28

      Friday 14th          Ps. 81/ Deut.29:2-15/ 1 Johm 1:1- 2:6

      Saturday 15th       Ps. 47/ 1  2:7-17       for you to read at home 

14th May is the feast of Matthias the Apostle

Thursday 13th May 2021   Ascension Day

          Holy Communion for Ascension Day   10.30 am

         Sunday Morning services  10.30 am. SERVICES  will continue to be live streamed here and on Facebook.

For the liturgy for Easter, click HERE

 Prayers and readings for the Parish Eucharist on Sunday 9th May, Easter 6, are on the weekly pew sheet, click HERE. 

 For this week's  sermon (9th May),  click HERE   and intercessions HERE

Sunday 9th May 2021, 6th of Easter  


A Liturgy of Prayers for Healing

A short set of readings and prayers with times of silence for you to say your own prayers and petitions. If you need more silence then just hit the pause button.